About Jose

Hi, I’m Jose V. Sanchez and welcome to my blog.

Growing up in the small town of Glorieta, a passion for community and a true appreciation for service were instilled in me at an early age. Raised in a village that was poor monetarily but wealthy in traditions, family, and community, I was inspired throughout my life by my parents. Both educators and active in the community as leaders, coaches, and as “majordomos” for the village church (Majordomos is a Northern New Mexico term for “care takers”). Continuing in the blessings of our family and community, I followed my brother in-law into military service spanning over five years. When I was able, I took a second job and saved a small fortune for my future return. Throughout my life, I understood and found success in the value of a “hard earned dollar” and the effort (and sacrifices) it took to keep it.

While starting my graduate work at the University of New Mexico, I was recruited by a major financial services company. I worked directly for “a legend in the company” and learned a lot about Wall Street and the insurance industry. Most of it I didn’t like at all. I spent most of my time questioning why we did not do things that truly benefited the client. It was not long before I was dismayed; I resigned my position in search of a better way. Disenchanted and truly believing there was a better way to make an impact, I implemented kaizen methodology to my professional way of being. My goal was simple; I wanted to make an impact on our community by sharing smarter strategies for managing and protecting wealth to those who have worked hard and value their money, so that they too can experience less stress and focus on those issues that mean most to them.

Ever since that day, our company has been tirelessly working to realize this goal. We feel that every day we are entrusted to take care of those who have worked hard for their money and provide them with a more enjoyable life through smarter investment solutions.